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Occasionally we all want a treat*, whether it’s a reward to celebrate bossing the day, or just getting through it. Pati & Coco is a sophisticated feast for the senses that is perfectly sized just for you, for when you deserve a moment to yourself. Crack into pleasure because you #crackedit today!

Pati & Coco is brought to you by Danone, launching in partnership with Sainsbury’s Future Brands.

*To be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.


Discover our Range 

Pati & Coco is a divine new multi-layered, multi-textured chocolate dessert that engages and stimulates all the senses and provides a moment of pure indulgence that demands your full attention. 


The immersive experience starts by cracking through the signature layer of fine tempered dark chocolate on top, with patisserie folds of luscious ganache and delicate sheets of chocolate underneath, ending with a satisfyingly crunchy biscuit layer at the base. It has to be tasted to be believed!

Caramel & Choc

There’s nothing quite like it; sumptuous and sticky caramel and indulgent Belgian chocolate ganache. Our Caramel & Choc dessert combines the two to give you a moment of pure indulgence.

Pistachio & Choc

We’ve combined delightful pistachios with divine French patisserie and Belgian chocolate ganache to create this indulgent Pistachio & Choc dessert.

Praline & Choc

Sink into folds of luscious, soft praline and Belgian chocolate ganache in our Praline & Choc dessert pot. When you choose this delectable dessert, you crack into the irresistible partnership of nuts and chocolate.

Ganache & Choc

Our classic take on a truly decadent chocolate dessert. Layers of smooth tempered chocolate and silky folds of Belgian chocolate ganache. It needs to be tasted to be believed.

Look out for our striking and colourful packaging in the chiller aisle.

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