There’s still a rogue Christmas decoration behind the sofa and a few lonely mince pies lurking in the cupboard but 2020 has well and truly arrived and with it the possibilities of a new decade.


It’s time to focus on how you can really nail this year, but let’s be honest; a year is a long time, so let’s break it down with some bitesize goals to help you be the best you can!


  1. Meet your own needs

We often think about what we want, but actually if we can make sure we’re meeting our needs (and not just those of our loved ones), we might want less.  Sounds confusing?  It’s actually really simple.

 Write down what you need to thrive eg: your health, good food, time-out and then what you need from others eg: love, respect,  cooperation, kindness.   Then you can start to work out what you have direct control over and what you don’t.  By not trying to control the way that others engage with you, you lighten your own load.  Focus on you.


  1. Plan ahead

This is often harder than it sounds.  We often end up with 20 different ‘must do’ tasks in our heads and it seems an impossible mountain to climb to get them all done!  But if you take a bit of time on a Sunday evening to map out your week such as meal planning, outfit choices, anything the family may need, it’s so much easier to boss the week.  Go on give it a go!  There are tons of printables online, or this is nice from Papier


  1. Get Outside

Don’t let the famous British weather be the reason you don’t go outside for a walk, run or any other adventure.  Scientists have proven that the outdoors is a huge boost for our natural feel-good hormone endorphin which can clear our heads and even make us feel euphoric. Much better than hiding under the duvet! (Although we’d highly recommend making time for that too )


  1. Reward yourself

Life is hectic these days; whether you’re juggling kids, job and home, climbing the career ladder or keeping your family functioning day to day, you need to make time for treats.  Whether it’s a facial, massage, run or even a Pati & Coco 😉 it doesn’t need to take loads of time or cost loads of money – it’s just a little something for you for when you’ve #crackedit


  1. Try something new

Choices aren’t just about what to wear in the morning or taking the bus, tube or train.  You have the power to make positive choices about the environment too.  From using sustainable packaging, to becoming flexitarian and going meat-free a few nights a week, there are many small things you can do to reduce your footprint on the planet.


If you give any a try, we’d love to hear from you about how you’re getting on.  Above all though enjoy each day and try and find one thing each day that makes you proud of you.  #crackedit

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