See what we did there?! 🙂

We love our little glass pots, and while they are recyclable, we think there is a hundred or more ways to make use of them after eating your Pati & Coco before you need to send them to the big glass factory in the sky. We’re working on our hundred list but while we do that, here are some of our favourites to get you going!

 We’d love to hear how you use your pots. Simply peel away the stickers and run the pot through the dishwasher, or soak in soapy suds, to get it gleaming and clean. Then the world is your oyster – get creative…

Tealight holders

Why not pop some pretty coloured tea lights into your pots and light them the next time you take a #crackedit moment

Painted gifts

A lovely one for mother’s day! Using glass paints, hand craft a decoration on the side of your pot and gift to a friend or loved one along with a pack of their favourite Pati & Coco. 

Make up and beauty tidies

A firm favourite here. Our pots are perfect for makeup brushes, lip glosses, manicure tools and cotton buds. To stand up some make up brushes, you could get some coloured stones or sand to act as a base. You’ll never have an untidy dressing table again.

Nut bowls for drinks parties

You can NEVER have too many different ways to serve nibbles with cocktails or a chilled bottle of wine!

Mini flower pots or vases 

Single stems across the mantle piece or three together by the side of the bath or table make an elegant statement. You could also use them to add some colour to your desk or simply grow some seeds for nurturing in between meetings. 

Useful pots for sorting screws in the shed

A home hack is always useful. Perfect for storing hex (Allen) keys, screws, washers, nails, even your different drill bits. Organisation at this level will have you bossing the week in no time, so you can reclaim some time to sink into a Pati & Coco when you’ve #crackedit. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our visually inspired gallery on how to reuse your Pati & Coco pots. Head over to Instagram and share your top tips now @patiandcoco

Can’t wait to see how you use yours!