However you celebrate it, finish with an indulgent treat that has to be tasted to be believed…

Looking for that special Valentine’s Day treat? Maybe you’re hosting a Galentines or even an anti-Valentine’s? Whether it’s a night in or out this Valentine’s Day – we have the perfect dessert for you.

All of our Pati & Coco flavours make an ideal end to a meal. Try creating a menu that compliments your favourite flavour. We’ve shared some inspiration below to get you started…

Caramel & Choc

Most people know that salt and caramel make perfect partners – hence the rise in salted caramel chocolate over the last few years. So why not build up to that flavour by having a salty main course before finishing with our rich Caramel & Choc dessert.

 Risotto is a great option here. You can add whatever ingredients you want – chorizo & pea, mushroom, spring greens – but the salty stock you use to make it and the added parmesan cheese throughout and over the top will have your tastebuds salivating for that sweet dessert hit afterwards.

 Here is a bit of direction, should you need it, from The Guardian Food Blog.

Pistachio & Choc

Pistachio evokes scenes of the Middle East and wonderful African dishes and is so versatile. If you are a pistachio fan you could theme the whole menu around the little nut – like this fig, pistachio and goats cheese salad as a starter, then a pistachio crusted lamb rack for mains and a Pistachio & Choc Pati & Coco for dessert.

 Or if you want a dish that works well as a simple main but screams out for an indulgent pistachio pudding, why not try a hearty, warming chicken tagine with apricots and preserved lemon…all washed down with a full-bodied white wine!


Ganache & Choc

This pot is a chocoholics dream so it needs to follow a meaty main course. Try a loin of venison with a rich red wine sauce or why not do steaks. Add some crispy onions, fried mushrooms and spinach to bring out all those meaty, irony flavours. Pair with a strong red wine which will last into dessert.

Don’t be scared of cooking steaks, here is a handy guide from Leith’s Cookery School to help with cooking timings.


Praline & Choc

Like caramel, praline loves a salty partner so starting with a salty yet mellow and tangy main course is a win for this delicious dessert pot.

Saltimbocca, pork medallions wrapped in parma ham and sage with a Marsala sauce, is a really easy and quick dish that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe, which you can find here.

A quick flash in the pan, deglaze with the dry, tangy wine and you are good to go with some creamy mash and green beans. It’s one of our absolute favourites!

Now there’s no excuse not to completely boss your Valentine’s Day. Plus, as an extra boost to get you sorted, Pati & Coco is now on sale in Sainsbury’s. What are you waiting for?!

 Or…if all of that feels like hard work, a pot also makes the perfect indulgent treat for a lovely night in with a simple glass of red!

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